September 24, 2021

Before Becoming an Entrepreneur, You Need To Eliminate These Few Bad Habits

Before Becoming an Entrepreneur, You Need To Eliminate These Few Bad Habits

Generally As a human being, we all have bad work habits, and most of us are content to get away with them for the foreseeable future.

As soon as you want to become an entrepreneur, many things about you changes. You’ll have more direction, power and freedom as a boss, but you’ll also have far more accountability for your decisions and habits.

Here are some bad habits you need to eliminate fully as an entrepreneur;

1. Not planning your day (or week).

As an entrepreneur, your priorities need to be very clear and straight forward, at the end of each day of week, go through everything you need to do and organize those tasks starting from the most important and most relevant ones.

2. Replying emails as soon as they comes in.

To reply emails as soon as they comes in, is a very good idea, so there’s no fault in wanting to respond as quickly as possible. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to plan your projects and tasks in advance, and don’t let emails distract you.

3. Communicating inefficiently.

Emails not properly written or discussions during the meeting or conference might cause a slight setback in someone’s average day-to-day work, but in the context of a budding business, these problems may cause serious headaches and make your company look unprofessional. Don’t always be in a rush to make conclusions or decide anything, always think carefully about what you mean to say.

4. Never taking breaks.

We work without considering our health, to some entrepreneur, it always looks good and a good idea to work through breaks because they believe more works will be done.

Breaks is a free hour of work and it should be respected.

However, working when you are supposed to be on break, can take its toll on your mental health and productivity.

As an entrepreneur, it is far much better to deliver six hours of great outstanding job/work than eight hours of okay work.

It is also advisable so that you and your workers won’t break down.

5. Running late.

As an entrepreneur running late to meetings with prospective clients or to work can damage your image, you should always set an example for the team or your workers. It’s okay have and set your own schedule, but as an entrepreneur, when you say you’ll be somewhere, you need to be there, and on time.

6. Procrastinating on tough projects.

That monster project awaiting you might do fine sitting on your desk in your current day job, but procrastinating the tough jobs as an entrepreneur usually only makes things worse. As an entrepreneur, when you know you can’t handle something, seek outside assistance. Don’t just set it to the side.

7. Delaying hard decisions.

As an entrepreneur, Hard and decisive decisions are very hard to make and they may take their toll on you, but you need to come down on one side or the other. It Is better to make a bad decision than not making any decision at all because lack of decisions make you revolving round a circle, so eliminate your habit of delaying decisions now.

8. Never saying no.

At the lower rungs of the corporate ladder, the word “no” is taboo, and the habit of saying yes to everything seems to stick around in our careers for years.  As an entrepreneur, learn how to say no. Not every client is worth taking. Not every employee candidate is worth hiring. Not every idea is worth pursuing.

9. Multitasking.

Multitasking is another one of those pesky habits that only seems to save you time. In actuality, it distracts your mind so you complete simultaneous tasks less efficiently than you would had you completed them individually, and with greater focus. These nine habits won’t necessarily destroy your business, but they could interfere with your ability to work productively and in a way that ultimately benefits your organization.

Eliminating them permanently in a short period of time is hard, it may take some patience to but you’ll be in a far better position once you do.

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