September 25, 2021

How Poor and Bad Spelling Can Make You Lose A Job

Photo Credit: Kathleen Doheny
Photo Credit: Kathleen Doheny

Whether writing a cover letter or articulating a business idea to a client, Spelling skills are required in every career and it is a thing that we need to start at a very young age.

Even if you don’t plan to be an author, journalist and public speaker, Spelling and literacy is important for everybody because when applying for a job, you will need to write an email and a cover letter yourself to get a job.

Spelling skill is very good because, one day, there will be a need for You to fill out an employment forms or go to court one day or write a letter to apologise or, it also comes handy when you are running a small business, it will help you to explain to people what you are doing.

There is this strong perception people have about you whenever you misspell especially your employer.

Whenever you uses a wrong term, it gives people the wrong meaning of what you are trying to write. Words like these “you’re” and “your”, and “there”, “their” and “they’re” will make an employer think you don’t care or not been serious.

Some spelling errors in your cover letters won’t even get through the door because of employment.

Social media like twitter, Facebook etc. supports and encourages the recent generation to use lazy language and it is a massive problem with miscommunication.

Social Medias are one of the reasons why wrong spelling is almost like a normal stuff.

In social media, the languages and spellings used there are very poor and it’s causing serious damage the younger generation’s ability to communicate and write correctly and we underestimate the impact.

It is a lonely world for anybody or most people who can’t read or write or communicate, it is a very. Don’t see it that way, it is not that overwhelming but it shouldn’t be that way rather it’s a procedure of perfecting things to enable you understand the word and how words are put together.

But anyway, lack of knowing or understanding can’t still prevent you being the person you were meant to be.

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