September 24, 2021

How To Proofread If You Are A Job Seeker

How To Proofread If You Are A Job Seeker

During hiring process, Employers use to be very careful during this process. Any smallest typo or mistake on your resume, cover letter and other materials used during the application of the work might prevent you from getting an interview.

To proofread all of your application materials before sending them to an employer is very important because, there are plenty completion, once any typo is found or your letter, your employer might throw your application letter in a bin.

1. Here are few tips to help you proofread thoroughly below;

Don’t Trust auto Spellcheck

Auto Spellcheck can help you spot some typographical errors but not hundred percent, it misses a number of common errors. Therefore, thoroughly edit each document yourself.

Take a Break

As much as you can, avoid editing your resume or other application materials immediately after writing them. As a job seeker, always Take time away from the document; with this, you can edit with a fresh set of eyes. In proofreading, many in academia recommends you to take a 24-hour break before you can proofread anything written by you, you might be facing a deadline which shows you don’t have enough time.

Print It Out

Try to proofread the printed copy of your resume and cover letter, don’t read them from the computer screen. Printing the document out will make you see it from the recruiter point of view. With this process, you can spot and fix pages that are not okay or in order

Read out Loud (And Backwards!)

Read your document out loud while you proofread. Reading out loud helps you a lot, it will help you to slow down so that you can pick up on any errors. This process or procedure will not only slow you down when you are reading, but it will break up the logical flow of the document, allowing you to focus on the spelling and grammar.2

Follow with your finger al so when reading out to make it very sure and this will help you focus on each word.

Narrow your Editing Criteria

Edit one type of error at a time, because, it is very hard to edit for grammar and other types of errors the same time. For more accurate editing, only edit one type of error at a time

Check for Consistency

Make sure your layout is consistent because many people looks for spelling and grammar mistakes when editing.

Make sure that all your headlines are of the same font and size, same as all your bullet points.

Also, make sure your grammar is consistent and use a complete sentences and a period in one bullet point if you have done that with the previous ones, do the same for all the other bullet points.

Proofread Personal Information (For You and the Employer)

Always proofread the information the information you include about the company for which you are applying It’s very important.

Go through the employer’s name, company’s name, and be very sure that you get the address correct. If don’t copy and paste a company name into a cover letter, you might be pasting a wrong name.

Ask a Friend

Friends and people who are not or less familiar with a document can often see errors more clearly. Plead with your friend/s to edit your document for you using all the above proofreading tips.

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