September 27, 2021

What to Wear For an Interview [Dress to Impress Your Interviewer]

What to Wear For an Interview [Dress to Impress Your Interviewer]

You submitted an application, your application was accepted, and you have made it through to the very first stage of the interview process. Now the hard work starts.

According to over various upbringing and different ways of life What we wear to express ourselves is something that is entirely up to each individual, and freedom to express with this with clothing is a basic human right, we are all entitled to the way we want to dress, there are some strict professional norms that comes up when going to an interview, that must be adhered to if you want to create the right impression in the interview.

It is no longer a news or stories of how gaffed and performed poorly regarding interviews, but sometimes these poor performances are usually caused by bad and poor dressing.

As an applicant, there are strict code around what is classed as appropriate for interviews, and this is something that is a tried and tested, it is a common sense that everyone should know.

Don’t go to an interviews under dressed, it is not a good idea.

All studies conducted on how long it takes to make a ‘first impression’ and none of them have agreed the one specific number of seconds to be the definitive amount.

Should in case you want to present yourself or appear before the interviewers in the best way, wear a good business suit if you have one and the business suit needs to be well fitted, sized correctly and well ironed. Unkempt or untidy hairs and beards for men will count against you, even in a suit, if you look unpolished. For those that don’t have a suit at the moment due to one reason or the other should put on a pair of smart trousers or skirt and a shirt. Again, make sure that all items are clean and well ironed.

Your Shoes must always be clean and well-polished, that is not negotiable.

Ladies should avoid high heels, so that, you will be more comfortable during the interview.

It is always good to avoid high heels because you don’t know the layout of the building, nor how many sets of stairs you may need to navigate.

Shirts and tops must always be clean and well ironed, and ties must always be sensible and work appropriate. Don’t wear a giant one with Donald Duck, or one that sings seasonal songs.

Clothing in terms of dressing well is not the only aspect that candidates are judged on. You should be very sensitive with Body language, confidence, tone of voice and the handshake are a few other areas to be aware of. You will be remembered for the right reasons if you are well dressed, and know your area of expertise, the interviewer will remember you for the right reasons.

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