September 23, 2021

Why Exit Interview Is Very Important

Why Exit Interview Is Very Important
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Exit interview can be define as the last interview between a departing employee and employer or the boss, reasons and benefits of the meeting between a departing employee and employer is to know the actual reasons why he or she is leaving the company or business.

In exit meeting, the person leaving the company or the business sits down with the person who employed him or her or member of the Human Resources team.

The purpose of an exit interview

It is always advisable for employee, leaving by resignation (choice) or have been sacked, should try and participate in an exit interview. Employees should always be willing to provide honest feedback so that employers can use this candid information to their advantage.

What makes them so important?

Exit interview is very important because it helps to get honest employee criticism as it comes from someone who is no longer a member of the company or the business and they are no longer afraid that it will affect their employment status.

Exit interview is very important because, employers will be able to notice trends and implement change that will help them improve employee retention.  

Exit interviews helps to align new recruits’ expectations with actual job roles through feedback about job expectations versus reality.

Employers are advised to use these precious feedbacks as job posting tips, rewriting and restructuring roles to improve the future employee experience.

Addressing issues proactively

This is the time or period to remind employees that are leaving the company of any non-compete or confidentiality agreements and to return any company property.

If a Human Resources director is conducting the interview, it’s advisable that the copies of the interview feedback are sent to the management doing the replacement hiring and all the supervisors in that particular department so that they implement cultural changes deemed necessary from the interview.

All the exit interview should never be unused, it’s very important to keep a copy in storage in case any backlash or legal issues arise.

Exit interview is one of the biggest opportunity for business owners and companies to learn on how they will the work environment for current and future employees.

Typical Sample Interview Questions:

In exit interview, you should be more specific in asking questions to guide the conversation and to get the most out of the exit interview.

A company’s should always set their questions in a standard way in order to ensure useful and successful results, with obvious additions and detractions for specific circumstances.

Below are examples of questions to ask in an exit interview:

Why do you want to leave the company/business?

Why and when did you begin looking for a new job?

What are the biggest circumstances that made you accept this new job?

What was the offer from your new employer that made you decide to leave?

Did you feel that you were well-equipped to do your job?

As a company, did company/business deliver what we promised when we hired you?

What was your relationship with the manager like?

What did you like most about your job? What did you like the least?

As you are leaving the business/company, can you mention three things that could be done for the company’s business to improve?

What do you think could have been done or faith of the remaining employee here?

As you are leaving, if you have a friend looking for a job, would you recommend us?

As you are leaving, what skills and qualifications do you think we need to look for in your replacement?

Final Thoughts

If your employee was a valuable team member, don’t forget to add a recommendation for them on Local wise.

Don’t make the feel bad, it’s very important that the departing employee leaves an exit interview feeling happy, appreciated and heard.

Encourage and wish them well going forward with their next career move. The interviewer who is the business owners of company’s human resources should walk away after the exit interview about how to improve the role and the his business to better the experience for the next hire.

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