June 19, 2024

Canada’s (2022-23) Confederation School For International Student Excellence Award

Confederation College offers awards, bursaries, and scholarships to new students to help them pay for their studies. Financial necessity, academics, and/or community activity are all taken into account while evaluating submissions.
Confederation College granted new students a total of $275,360 in scholarships, awards, and bursaries in 2018-19. The Global Education Center gave $47,000 to 67 students on its own.
Awards, bursaries, and scholarships for foreign students

The following is a list of global student-specific, awards, bursaries and scholarships

Please keep in mind that both the quantity and amount of awards are prone to change.
Three grants of $2,500.00 each are available from the International Education Center’s Foreign Student Excellence Award.
Award of Merit from the Global Education Center: Eight prizes of $1,000.00 each
Sixty scholarships of $500.00 each are available from the International Education Center’s Foreign Student Award.
The “Raag Rung Music Circle Bursary” scholarship consists of one $500.00 grant.
Confederation College Inc. Student Union Award- Foreign Student Award – Two grants of $500.00 respectively
There are other awards, bursaries, and awards offered to all Confederation College students in addition to the scholarships, bursaries, and awards specifically for overseas students.
For additional information on bursaries, awards, and scholarships, as well as directions on how to apply, please visit the Bursaries, Awards, and scholarships homepage.

The Description of the School scholarship

Students From foreign countries are also welcomed and they are qualified to register for the Confederation students grants, Canada 2022-23.
The grant covers Undergraduate and Graduate level programs at Confederation College Thunder Bay in the field of All Subjects. Their awards have an open deadline. So you must meet up.

Their Level of Education: Degree

Confederation College Foreign Student Excellence Scholarship, Canada 2022-23 is accessible at Confederation Institution [Thunder Bay] for both Undergraduates and the Graduate level programs.
Subjects that are available includes: all Subjects

The Benefits of the School’s Scholarship

The winners of this prize will receive a stipend of $2,500 to help reduce the costs of studying any of the degree programs at Confederation. And all nations are qualified to participate in this award.
Students that are eligible for this Awards:
The are applicants who meets these given the requirement below:
The Applicants must be currently enrolled at (C.C) as overseas students.
The school Procedure for submitting the registration form:

The applicants must register for (C.C) through the institution’s online registration portal.
The recognised students should be considered for the school award automatically.

The documents the institution support:
The required documents must be presented to the institution by the applicants themselves.
A copy of their diploma from the high school or college/university they attended before and a copy of their passport
Health records and their immunizations,
other than the passport, you will need to show your proof of identification such as a credit card.
And as well as letters of recommendation from your previous employment, if it’s needed.
The School’s Financial Aid Departments (F.A.D)
Providing for your tuition fee is a vital part of being a Confederation College student….Because every investment you can think of making should be in your education.
This Financial Aid department is ready to guide you in managing your school fee and other school expenditure both while you are enrolled and after you graduate. We run the (O.S.A. P) and awards program, as well as a variety of other services will encourage the students to succeed in their studies.
This (O.S.A.P) Ontario Student Assistance Program is a government-funded program that helps to support the students financially.
The Financial Aid Office’s main responsibility is to manage the (O.S.A.P) Ontario Student Assistance Program.
These services also help post-secondary students who meet the citizenship and residency requirements of (O.S.A.P) with their educational funding.
The financial needs of students are taken into consideration when evaluating their registration. These services are just a supplement to, not a substitute for, family and other financial resources available to students.
When students fill out an (O.S.A.P) registration form, they are automatically requesting financial aid from the provincial and/or federal governments. Therefore, (O.S.A.P) Forms include other forms of financial aid for which you must fill out a different registration.
The Financial Aid Office will electronically confirm your enrollment for each semester if your (O.S.A.P) registration has been approved and you are being registered as a full-time applicant.
The earliest is 15 days prior to starting school, and after money has been confirmed, it will be disbursed online on the first day of school, which normally takes 5–7 working days.
And about 65 percent of your (O.S.A.P) funding is shared during the fall semester, leaving the remainder for the winter semester. So, let’s say fall starts. If you’re registered for 3 semesters, keep in mind that there are only two (O.S.A.P) funding being shared and not three, so do your plan properly.
An evaluation will be completed after your application has been submitted and all needed documents have been received. The earliest time frame for an evaluation is June 2020. Keep an eye on the (O.S.A.P) website for updates on your registration.
You can also obtain an estimate from your (O.S.A.P) file or utilize the (O.S.A.P) website’s estimator. And bear it in mind, that these are simply estimations and may or may not correspond to a true evaluation.
The School’s Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries are all available.
The Confederation Institution provides financial grants, bursaries, and awards to students to help them pay for their study. Financial need, educational success, and extra-curricular/ and community activity are all factors in determining who receives these awards. Each year, student prizes total more than $400,000 on average.
For first-year students, registrations will be available throughout the spring and summer. During the autumn semester, registrations for in-program awards, bursaries, and prizes will be available.
The School’s External Awards and Scholarships
External awards are available to help you pay for your school fees and other educational expenditures.
External organizations that desire to advertise their awards on our website send messages to Confederation College. Confederation College has no affiliation with these organizations.
We don’t promote any of these awards and encourage that you conduct your homework on the third-party organizations listed below before registering or providing personal details.
Paul Charette Bursary and Bird Construction Inc of the Institution.
The Schools and Institutes Canada Bird Construction Inc. and Paul Charette Bursary gives financial assistance to local students at school and institutes who demonstrate financial need and encounter obstacles or hurdles to pursuing and completing post-secondary education. This includes four $2,500 bursaries.
The 2021 Summer Student Employment
To be qualify for the (2021) school Summer Student Employment, you have to must meet up with the schools requirements:
In the (2020-21) academic year, you must be a full-time post-secondary student at Confederation College and with a minimum – presence for the entire (2020) winter semester. While full-time is required as taking at least 60 percent of your classes full-time, or 40 percent only if you are suffering from a chronic impairment.
In September (2021), you must return to Confederation Institution as a full-time post-secondary student.
You must be able to show that you are in financial need.
Because this program is for students that’s between the academic years, students cannot be enrolling full-time during the months of May and August.
For further information, download the Summer Job Experience Program 2021 – Student Registration Process as (PDF) file.
For your “Enrollment Verification and Funding Need” that you send to the Financial Aid Office, it must be printed.
Once you complete the Financial Needs Evaluation Form. The Financial Need Evaluation Form (D.O.C) must be printed and submitted to the Financial Aid department.
Importantly: If you received (O.S.A.P) money or were authorized for the Institutionally Funded Work Study Courses in the 2020-21 academic year, you DO NOT need to complete this form.
You will receive an email confirming your acceptance and a separate email from the College’s Institutional Research Department with your unique link to the job registration form.
Seminars, Tools, and Resources for Financial Aid
We have many tools and resources you can use to plan for your financial aid after joining Confederation School. Throughout the year, we also host workshops to assist you with various aspects of paying for college.

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