July 18, 2024

Best 10 Jobs For Graduating Students

Are you a student who just graduated from college looking for the kinds of jobs which you can do to earn a good living? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be giving you the list of all the best jobs for graduating students and also more info on the jobs so that it will be easy for you before applying.

The top 10 best jobs for graduating students that are in demand are;

1 Software Engineer: One of the top-paying and demanding jobs in tech is software engineering. The world has become so digital that almost everything we do in our daily lives can be handled using software and that is one of the reasons why software engineers are among the top-paying workers in the world as of today.

As a software engineer, you will need to learn some programming language and also have an insight on how to interpret those codes that are writing commands

One of the things you need to know about this field is that to be a software engineer you will earn nothing less than $70,000 per year depending on the company you are working with. But then you will need to discipline yourself on how to stay for hours on your seat learning and writing commands.

2 Teaching: One of the jobs that will never run out no matter the technology the world will introduce is teaching. Just as the population of the world increases so is the demand for teachers for teaching purposes.

As a teacher, you are entitled to teach a child or an adult what you know that will be useful for him or her now and in the future and that makes teaching one of the top 5 best jobs for graduating students which are highly recommended and demanding.

Although as a student who wants to be a teacher, you can pick up a discipline if you need my opinion, education is the best degree you will need to keep your job safe and secure without being scared of getting changed one day for someone else who is using an education-related degree.

If you want to know why this is my opinion then let me give you a little story. Some months ago in my state, a mass of teachers was dropped and new ones were employed immediately. This all happened not because those teachers were not good at what they did but it was because they were not employed with an education degree with this, a lot of them had to lose their jobs while those with degrees got lucky.

3 Doctors and Surgeons: Apart from going for an engineering degree, the Medical profession is the best field you can ever go into. Although it is one of the most difficult and stressful fields of jobs since it has to do with lives but yet, the stress and hard work is worth it compare to the amount of salary you will earn monthly and yearly.

The minimum of what a medical practitioner can earn annually is $242,000 depending on the hospital that you are working in. But no matter where you are working, a medical practitioner earns better than many fields in engineering and others.

4 Nurse Practitioner: You may not be a doctor but you can be a nurse. Every day new hospitals and labs are built and more doctors are employed. This means that every day patients are in and out and taking care of all those patients cannot be handled alone by the doctors and that is where nurses are demanded.

A doctor needs a nurse to help make his or her work easier when dealing with patients and this makes it one of the demanding best jobs for graduating students who want to stay earning immediately after practice.

5 Marketing: As a marketing graduating student who is skillful in this field will not have any issue in paying his or her bills anytime soon because you make money daily if you want to.

Most marketers prefer working remotely because they want to be their boss. So if you are interested in affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, etc then you will need to have marketing skills to make this work.

Note this; No matter what they are teaching you in school, you will still need someone who will show how the real thing is done in the real world and that is where YouTube comes in.

With downloading and watching marketing skill tutorial videos online will help you know your limitation and how to go about fixing them.

6 Finance: Every business that wants to be successful needs good financial management and this is why your finance degree and skill are demanded.

As a Finance graduating student you can choose to work anywhere as long as that place has to do with profits, and services, for example, banks, companies, etc.

7 Network Systems Administrator: You may not go for network systems administrator before you are demanded but one thing you should know is that no matter what your skill is in networking be its cyber security, IT/Communication, etc. you are in high demand.

Every day cyber-attacks break out attacking both big and small companies and businesses and the best way to counterattack is by finding someone or people who are good at networking as well to help secure the database system from being accessible.

8 Business Administrator: This job needs someone who is skillful in decision making, management of daily affairs of the business/ company and is creative in a way that can affect the company positively. So if you think that you are good at this, then this job is for you.

9 Law:  If you are good at arguing without wanting to be defeated then the law is for you. To be recognized and highly paid as a lawyer, you have to ensure that you are among the best even if it has to do with you compromising no matter who is involved.

As a lawyer, the most case you win the more paid and recognition you earn both from your colleague and big clients.

10 Airline Pilot: This is you having the lives of many people in your hands when you sit there handling the wheels therefore for you to have this line of job, you must undergo a series of training and pass tests after graduating from college for you to stand a chance of getting a job in this area.

Part-Time Jobs for students while schooling

There are a lot of jobs that are open for students who want to make extra cash while schooling and some of them are listed below;

  • Tutor:
  • Freelance Writer
  • Consultant
  • Grant Writer
  • Test Prep
  • Translator, etc.

These are the top 6 best jobs for graduating students who need a part-time job.

Degrees that are easiest to get a job with

You can get a job with any degree as long as you are skillful in the field but then these are the top degree which is easier to get a job with;

  • Education
  • English Language
  • Art
  • Nursing
  • Software Engineering
  • Veterinary
  • Foreign Language, etc.

jobs that may disappear in the future

Come next year, there are a lot of jobs that will no more be valuable in many countries and some of them are;

  • 1 Travel Agent: Almost all the airline companies have generated a platform online called online perseveration where passengers can stay at the comfort of their homes to book their flight without having to consult an agent for assistance and that makes this line of jobs at the top list of jobs that will be disappearing soon.

Others that will also disappear are listed below;

  • 2 Casino Cashier
  • 3 Broadcaster
  • 4 Cashiers
  • 5 Photography Lab
  • 6 Taxi drivers, etc.

How can graduate students make money?

Outside those best jobs for graduating students, there are other ways a student can make some extra cash while in school and one of them is by picking a part-time job while studying for a degree this will help.

The second way a graduate student makes money is by offering what we called assistantship via stipend to the school and at the end of it, you will receive some funding from the school for your fellowship with them. This can also help you with a good recommendation when seeking a job after graduating.

How to pick a major

 Before you take that step into college, you must put one or two things into consideration.

  • Use your passion
  • Make a decision
  • Research on it. This will help you reflex on your decision if you are right or not.
  • Check your limitation if you can handle it
  • Check for a college that you know will be best for what you want to study.
  • Seek advice from people in that field and then move from there.

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