July 18, 2024

The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship for Local and International Students at MI College of Contemporary Music in the USA 2022/2023

The MI college of contemporary music in the USA is offering the Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship for Local and International Students at MI College of Contemporary Music in the USA 2022/2023. This scholarship is proposed every spring-fall session of the educational year. The scholarship is created to motivate and help local and international students with their educational growth and fulfilling their dream of the Audio Engineering Program.

For the interested applicants who have a great love for music, the MI College will be sponsoring their education expenses amounting to up to $2,000 to be able to help with their financial obstacles and accomplish their passion and be one of the prospective audio engineers who will be in-demand for various industry and businesses in this modern world.

The program can be taken in the USA, to give more chances for both local and foreign students to reach their career goals and grow their skills and knowledge for their chosen careers. Yearly, the MI College of Contemporary Music offers different types of scholarships to help every student who has a passion for music and help them accomplish their future through music.

The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship will be given to the new and returning students at the MI College of Contemporary Music doing the MI Audio Engineering program who will improve their careers in the music industry and how can they show that they are worthy to win the scholarship awards.

Musician Institute founded in the USA is a higher academic institute for music that offers full studies in the music industry which includes instrumental concerts, producing and DJ skills, guitar building, audio engineering, business connected to music, and the latest training on modern music technologies.

Through real-world knowledge and all-out guidance from the experts, every student admitted at the MI College will acquire their degree and certificates while having the privilege of network options as the University is found in Los Angeles in the USA. The Musician Institute links every student in the international industry for music with the right equipment and preparations to improve their ability and skills to pursue their career and their desire.

It is more interesting when you are learning while attaining your degree and passion wholeheartedly. All graduate student at the Music Institute has become more prosperous and had the opportunity to contribute their passion to the campus society.

The university provides a creative education that will train the students for their skilled careers and creativity in the contemporary music industry, MI is dedicated to supplying more extensive education and instructions, friendly facilities, and other resources that can help the education of both local and foreign students who are interested in taking their desire to certificates and degree and be more prepared towards their future goals.

 Since 1981, the MI College of Contemporary Music has been enhanced to function by the State of California and has been awarded as an institutional associate of the National School of Music in the USA.

MI College of Contemporary Music now proposes online education options to every student as an extension of the schooling process for the students with exemptions, the online extension is to continue help and have access to the interactive courses for every student. Regardless of where the students are MI Online can still assist you to accomplish your musical dreams and passion.

Worth of The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship

  •  Scholarships are given in the form of tuition credit only.
  • The total award amount will be known after a review of your application.
  • The total grant amount is divided by the number of quarters in your program and credited equally toward each quarter’s tuition (except MI Hardship Scholarship; which is a one-time award).

Eligibility of The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship

  • Local and foreign students are fit to apply.
  • Must be applying for admission to the Audio Engineering Program.
  • The present or returning students at the Music Institute will not be accepted.
  • The past winner of the scholarship will not be accepted.

How to apply for The Hosa Technology Audio Engineering Scholarship

MI Scholarships are open only to students registering in a new program.

Before you may submit a scholarship application, you must have a Note of Acceptance from MI’s Admission Department.

Scholarship applications are obtainable from the Financial Aid Office or Admissions Department.

Finished applications submitted by the right deadline will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of the results within two weeks after the deadline.

The deadline to submit and finish the application is until September 2, 2022. The start period will be in fall 2022.

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